TFL have you paid ?

I got two parking tickets from our wonderful capital city (provided you’re a tourist) on the same day, in fact they were within less than an hour of each other, whilst just trying to earn a living. The first was a CCTV which photographed my lorry in a residential area which Lambeth council had recently turned into a prohibition area for certain vehicles. There were literally zero signs warning me of these restrictions and by the time I saw the cameras it was too late to turn my 18 tonne lorry around, safely at least, in the middle of the road. The second was a short while later, on arrival at the shop I was hoping to deliver to, a car was parked in the designated loading bay, so I just double parked along side it. Within a few minutes two civil enforcement officers had arrived, in a police van (so they obviously had access to the CCTV cameras which had already photographed me not 10 minutes before) and were in the process of issuing both me and the bastard car parked in my loading bay. When I asked the dopey bitch (see pic) where in fact I was supposed to park in such circumstances, she replied…..”I don’t know”

The hapless trucker depicted is not me, I still have hair, for the time being at least, he is in fact John Bull, the personification of Brittish or English national identity and pride. He represents the proleteriat, or working class, who are being exploited by these parasitic, predatory ticketers, lead by their commander and chief, mayor of London Sadiq Khan. These elitist politicians like the aforementioned Khan and prime minister Boris Johnson want London to be a hustle and bustle of activity, through industry as well as tourism. Encouraging people to support their local businesses and shop at the high street retailer, but when most London high streets are “red routes” (no stopping or parking at any time) how are couriers and freight companies supposed to be able to deliver stock to these restaurants or retailers ? They can’t, is the answer. The elite, unscrupulous hypocrites that run this country are quite happy fleecing decent, hard working people, whether it be through an army of mercinary footsoldiers, or a veritable sea of CCTV cameras which now surveys the city 24/7. The cost of one of these tickets is £130, or £65 half price discount if paid within 14 days. But even the discounted amount still equates, more or less to an average lorry or van drivers daily income, after tax. As make no mistake, it’s not the faceless corporations, or in this instance the transport companies who cough up, No…… it’s the driver, there are no arguements, the payroll departement for these companies simply take the cost of fine out of the drivers wages. So what is the point in going to work to try and earn an honest crust, if you’re just gong to be harassed and wind up generally out of pocket, by these fat-cat bureaucrates who have never done a days graft in their lives !

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