ça va, c’est cool !

This is yet another Mancherster mercenary deciding to ‘cut and run’ by announcing his desire to quit the club to go and join Inter Milan in Italy. he will not earn as much money in Italy, not many clubs are stupid enough to pay players £200,000 a week, (his salary since he joined United in 2017) but what does it matter, he’s already set for life after this “nice little earner” in old Blighty, not to mention his lucrative sponsorship deal with fashion giants “Abercrombie and Fitch” on the side………..not at all greedy, I beleive he genuinely may have struggled to make ends meet on just the £200K, such is the cost of living in the UK.

Despite being Belgiums all time top goal scorer, Lukaku has faltered in front of goal at United, causing him to drop to second in the pecking order behind Marcus Rashford. One reason for this might be his change in diet or lifestyle. He’s no longer the spritely, athletic striker with a burst of pace to worry any defence that we saw from his Everton days. Instead he looks more like a rugby player who’s been guzzling protein shakes and beefing himself up in the gym, and unsurprisingly, has lost a yard of that pace. I don’t quite understand how a professional sportsman, probably surrounded by sport scientists and coaching staff, could let himself get into this state, with a physique that is so counter productive to being a top striker in the Premier league………….but there you go.

So Italy and Inter would perhaps be an obvious choice for “Big Rom”, a much slower league, almost walking football compared to England and Spain. Unfortunately due to his £75 million price tag, he joins the ever growing list of flops at United since the departure of Sir Alex all those years ago, a list that includes Di Maria, Pogba, Martial, Sanchez, and Fred, to name but a few. He’ll do alright in Italy for the reasons I’ve just mentioned, but my advice to him would be to go easy on the pasta !!!

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