Meet the parents

My parents had been divorced since I was about twelve, so when Cyrielle met just my mother, about half way through her month long training period in England, it seemed like not such a big deal, as far as I was concerned at least. However when the time came for me to meet her family, and it would, I would experience only trepedation and anxiety as it would no doubt be an immense occasion. This conjured up all sorts of images, a guard of honour running the length of their half mile long driveway to anounce my arrival, fireworks, tuxedos, ballgowns and probably an orchestra to play me in. A proper sit down dinner with the whole family, Mum, Dad and the two younger sisters. I find these situations quite stressful, too many people, ‘social clutter’ around the dinner table. Being from a clan whereby the family unit had very much disbanded, I wasn’t use to this, a close knit family still going strong and showing no signs of falling apart at the seams. The innevitable interrogation from the parents whereby my response to “so what are your plans for the future John ?” Is scrutinized as intensely as whether I choose to accompany my meal with le Château de Poncier 1779 Bourgogne or just a beer ! Both responses on which my successful induction into the family hinge entirely. Yes the etiquette for young couples and their staunchly disapproving parents, or parent, in my case it was the father who had reservations  towards me, is quite annoying. Why must we even go through this rigmoral of ‘meeting the parents’, I chose this woman based on who she is, not who she was or what type of family she came from, these interferring advice spewing ‘know it all’ parents should just mind their own fucking business.

Although these cartoons are inspired by real life experiences, I do enjoy exagerating things for either dramatic or comic effect. Common sense will dictate which visual additions are entirely ficticious, for example if somebody I knew was to comment “You never mentioned that your Ex’s family kept elephants !” I would reply that “they didn’t” suggesting that the elephants pictured here are in fact a reference to the rather large one that Cyrielle and I had constantly ‘in the room’ towards the end of our relationship. That elephant being the subject of ‘children’, Cyrielle yearning to bring it up at every available opportunity, and me, desperate to avoid discussing it all all costs. The net result, a heated arguement leading to a two to three day period of estrangement from each other.


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